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Stop malicious ads in real-time with a solution so powerful, it makes ad fraud unprofitable for bad actors across all platforms.

The majority of malvertising “solutions” in today’s market often result in false positives and negatives, causing businesses to miss out on real opportunities. was developed to solve the negative consumer experience issues and revenue impacts that publishers face as a result of malicious advertisements and redirects.

Our unique methodology utilizes behavioral analysis for faster, more accurate detection of malicious activity. By processing thousands of ads per second, ensures no malicious threats are ever seen by your audience.

With, publishers and platforms can:

  • Protect brand reputation by preventing malvertising in real-time,
  • Provide audiences with an uninterrupted, positive experience,
  • Improve ad effectiveness by minimizing false positives and false negatives, and
  • Save time and resources to focus on revenue generating initiatives.

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