We offer the most effective anti-malvertising solution for publishers and platforms.

Our solution analyzes the behavior of every action, on every page, across all devices for malicious activity and eliminates threats.

Effective. Detect and Prevent New Threats Continuously.

We ensure that brands and reputational equity are safe from malvertising threats that undermine user experiences and ad revenue. Our adaptive, scalable solution responds to an evolving threat landscape in real time, countering even the most sophisticated attacks.

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Smart. Enhanced Visibility Into Malvertising Threats.

Our innovative behavioral analysis solution processes 1,000s of ads every second to immediately identify and disarm threats before they can impact your users. Gain access to in-depth information and insights into all dimensions of malvertising threats.

Simple. Effortless Deployment with a Single Line of Code.

Our small, unobtrusive single line of JavaScript gets to work the minute you deploy it. It works right out of the box and requires no further action. Just set it and forget it.

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