Ads is a novel cyber security solution that protects revenue and user experiences across all platforms

Trusted by leading web publishers, apps, and platforms including:

Our Customers
Our Customers

We Keep it Clean

Bad actors are intent on destroying the end user experience you worked so hard to create, the reputation you worked so tirelessly to earn, and the revenue you need to run your business.

We make it unprofitable for them.

Key Features

Maximum Protection

  • Page-level protection that covers all attack vectors
  • Inspects the behavior of every action on the entire page for malicious activity in real-time without adding latency, no exceptions
  • Uncovers new threats continuously

Broad Demand Coverage

  • Protects every source of demand including: AdX, EBDA, Server to Server, all header bidding partners, non-programmatic and more
  • Special configurations or scripting are not required

Positive Revenue Impact

  • Preserves and enhances monetization KPIs (including: PVs / UV, eRPM, viewability)
  • Enables focus on revenue generating initiatives
  • Displays original creative to preserve revenue generating events

Key Features

Enhanced Visibility

  • Dashboards present in-depth information
  • Nine out-of-the-box reports
  • Insight into all dimensions of malvertising threats including; Geo, OS

Source Tracing

  • Malicious ad threats are dissected for origin and supply path information
  • Trace information forwarded to suppliers as needed

Cross-Screen Protection

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Apps

Key Features


  • SaaS based solution
  • Architected to handle volumes of the largest publishers
  • No meaningful degradation in page or ad performance

Effortless deployment

  • Ready to work in minutes
  • Addition of a small unobtrusive single line script on your pages
  • No external platform dependencies

Easy to manage

  • Does not require any configuration
  • Adjustments or continuous tuning is unnecessary
  • One button upgrade to latest version on your schedule


“Simply put, others just aren’t doing what is doing. Their truly unique solution is simple to integrate but helps to solve a big problem in the ecosystem. They’re built to win on a global scale.”

Erik Requidan
VP Sales and Programmatic Strategy


“By combining our proprietary tools and processes with those of, Xandr is well-positioned to lead a change in the economic incentives associated with malvertising and, as a result, preserve and protect the consumer experience.”

Steve Truxal
VP, Product Management